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Sourcing Brass, Copper, Aluminum & Stainless Steel

 Welcome!  We are a wholesale importer and distributor of: copper, brass, aluminum and stainless steel mill products, produced as per ASTM standards and buyer's orders.  We focus on serving the United States and Canadian markets.  Our staff has over 50 years of industry experience serving the North American metals market.


We offer full or partial container loads of a wide range of semi-finished products including: rods, bars, pipes, tubes, sheets, strips, wire, coils and custom profiles.  Our products have found tremendous applications in the plumbing, refrigeration, manufacturing, architectural, construction, electronics and automotive industries.  Vail International was incorporated in 1989 and is based out of New York City,

Our products are proven and of the highest quality, complying with all ASTM standards and specifications.  Our mills are in Europe, South America or Asia and are all ISO 9001/2 certified, and are each world class.  We have an impressive client roster that has been accumulated over the years.  Our high quality, competitive offers, honesty and integrity in the business are exactly what keeps our customers coming back.
Please feel free to send us your request for quote with your detailed specifications and we will do our best to meet your needs.  Thank you.



TEL:      (800) VAIL-NYC

FAX:      (212) 628-3303

E-mail:   sales@vailnyc.com